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Processing & Interpretation


All Geophysical Data is processed using GeoSoft Oasis Montaj Software. Geophysical data can be integrated with GIS software packages such as MapInfo, ArcGIS and others to enhance the desired output.

A wide range of filters and algorithms can be performed on geophysical data to extract the most information possible from any data set. The use of UBC DCIP2D inversion software for Induced Polarization/Resistivity data and UBC MAG3D inversion software for magnetic data can be extremely useful in aiding geophysical data interpretation.


RDF has extensive experience interpreting geophysical data. An integrated approach combining geological, geochemical, air photo, landsat and also 2D and 3D inversion modeling is vital to performing solid interpretations.


IP Pseudosections and Models


|----------------------------------- Sample Magnetic Modelling ---------------------------------|


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